15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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11. Logan

After watching Logan, many of us realized that Daddy Logan was a thing we might be into. But we already knew what ‘in love Logan’ looked like. Remember his feelings for Jean Grey? While we don’t know much about their relationship in regards to the film, it is clear that they have feelings for each other and love one another.

Though they are not the main relationship for Jean (we’ll get to that later), there are some amazing scenes between the two of them. Like the one above when Jean wakes up and her and Logan make out for a little bit.

There’s just something attractive about Wolverine. Maybe because he can take out like ten men at the same time or maybe it is those claws. But whatever it is, we all love him. Truly, it might just be Hugh Jackman. But we’ll never know.

Regardless, ‘in love Logan’ is a Logan we can all get behind and he is definitely on our list for best superhero boyfriend. Even if those claws could come out and kill you at any given moment. At least we get to live on the edge with him. And maybe we can give him a haircut that’s not that terrible one he has.