15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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12. David Haller

While it is terrifying having David Haller around in any situation, his relationship with Syd and how much he loves her is something that makes the show exciting to watch. If you’re not watching Legion, or you don’t know who David is, let me explain.

The son of Charles Xavier, David is a very powerful telepathic. Which makes him extremely dangerous to be around because, like we’re witnessing on the show, you never know what is reality and what is David’s mind.

But with Sydney, a mutant who can’t touch anyone, her special place is within David’s mind where the two can be together without worry. And the patience that David has with Syd and how much he’s willing to sacrifice for her is truly what makes Legion tick.

Which is why, without the bad parts of David, we’d love to have him as our superhero boyfriend. It just sucks that there are times when you literally wouldn’t know if what was happening was real or not but at least we’d get to go to cool places in his mind.

(Really, David might be a bit scary to date but those scenes with him and Syd are so cute, we just had to include him.)