15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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13. Arthur Curry

Okay let’s be real, no one truly cared about Aquaman before Jason Momoa was cast. Or at least that’s the case for me because I hate sharks and was always terrified of the comics. But then we found out our love Jason was taking on the role and now suddenly, we all know a lot about Arthur Curry.

When it comes to Arthur, he’s one of those heroes with a very set love interest who is his wife and has Aquababy and he’s rare. For many superheroes, they have their main love but then they also have side storylines with other superheroes or people and it can get complicated.

With Arthur, it is pretty much Mera and that’s it. Which is wonderful because we’re so used to ship wars anymore that, with Arthur, that burden is lifted from our shoulders. The one thing that the DC extended universe is doing correctly is their love stories.

DC has a track record of convoluted love stories but the movie seem to be sticking to one love interest and that is truly what we need. Especially with the whole mess that is Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. So here’s to Arthur Curry, our aquatic boyfriend we love. Just don’t bring home a shark.