15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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1. Steve Trevor

And our number one is one that many don’t know exists! Steve Trevor, the human boyfriend of Wonder Woman, is going to be featured in the first stand alone film coming out this June. If you don’t know, Steve brings Diana to the world of man and many are saying she felt bad for Lois at the end of Batman v. Superman because she went through it with Steve.

But here’s the thing about Steve Trevor, he willingly lets Diana protect him and do whatever she has to to make this a better world. He even lets her carry him as she flies. It is great and everything about their relationship is coming that makes fans happy. It is finally a man who steps back and lets his superhero girlfriend do whatever she has to.

And we just know that everyone is going to fall in love with Steve come June. Because really, he’s played by Chris Pine and he’s a pretty amazing character all on his own.

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So there are all our favorite superhero boyfriends. We love them all and we think they’re amazing! Have one that we forgot? Comment below and let us know why you love them!