15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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5. Thor

Okay so we know that Natalie Portman didn’t come back to playing Jane after Thor: The Dark World and Jane Foster won’t be returning for Thor: Ragnarok either. But that doesn’t change the fact that their relationship made us love Thor in a way we might not have in any other situation.

Thor, a character that can easily become a caricature, was made whole when Jane brought him down to earth in a way that this god couldn’t have been otherwise. With Thor, he literally doesn’t understand humans. So Jane teaches him and they fall in love and it helped create the Thor we now know and love.

Without her, he’d probably continue to be cheap jokes and used in scenes just for his hammer. But the love story made us see him as a whole character and now many of us wish we could have our very own Thor to come down from the sky and take us out on dates.

So while Jane might not be in Ragnarok, her impact on Thor has made him one of our dreamy superhero boyfriends and we love her for it. So Thor, you make our hearts swoon and we love that you’re one of our fictional boyfriends.