15 superhero boyfriends we wish were real life men

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6. Peter Parker

Okay come on guys, Peter Parker is a dreamboat boyfriend. He’s awkward and cute and he loves his girlfriends so much and dedicates himself to protecting them time and time again and they’re not damsels either. It is such a perfect balance of strong women and a superhero.

With Gwen, she is the reason that Peter Parker is who he is as a character. Gwen Stacy teaches Peter the importance of himself and being true to who he is and how important it is to hide the identity of those he loves.

Then comes Mary Jane Watson and the aspiring actress teaches Peter that he can still be a person and a superhero. They’re not superheroes and they are kind of the manic pixie dream girls of comic book stories. Still though, Peter Parker is kind of perfect. The nerdy kid who becomes a superhero and never sheds that nerdy outside is what we all dream of.

And while we definitely don’t need another Spider-man origin story, it is exciting to see someone like Tom Holland take on this adorable hero. He is energetic and excited to be a superhero and it is why we love Peter Parker and want him to be our boyfriend.