10 Things That the First Day of Spring Has Us Excited About

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8. Warm Weather

As we talked about before, having a bulking winter coat isn’t fun. And it isn’t really fun having to bundle up to go out and get your take out food either. The winter just kind of sucks. You’re cold all the time, there isn’t anywhere that is the right temperature and you’re pretty much stuck never being the temperature you want to be.

But then spring comes along and makes your life so much easier. There are two times of year when the weather matches how we feel and spring is definitely one of them. It is warm but not too warm. It is beautiful and the air seems lighter. And, we even get pretty things to look at as well!

Basically, when spring rolls around, whatever winter depression we’ve found ourselves in for the last few months is finally over. (Well, kind of.) But we at least can breath and adventure out without worrying the weather is going to drastically change and we’ll be stuck freezing because we only brought a light coat out (like this winter did to us all).

So spring means warmer weather and that means just having a genuinely better deposition about things in our lives.