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Keep up with the latest jabs and backstabs as we delve deeper into the lives and work of Bette and Joan on Feud. Here’s how to watch Feud online.

I don’t know about you, but Feud has quickly become my very favorite things on television. It’s not surprising that the king of lady-driven, camp-heavy dramedy, Mr. Ryan Murphy, has hit a clear home run with his newest anthology series. But it is a bit of a (pleasant) surprise that this tale, which is steeped in truth, based on anecdote and fact alike, and driven by our interest in and inability to turn away from Hollywood lore, remains fresh despite our universal familiarity with its source material. And by “source material,” I mean, of course, the legends that are Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

So far, we’ve been exposed to the women’s individual personal struggles, been given behind-the-scenes insight into the larger cultural issues at hand. And by this point, we are fully invested in both. The way the women’s unwillingness to accept the sexist box they’ve been shoved into has informed the way they behave in their intimate relationships (Bette with her daughter, Joan with her lovers, and both women with their director and each other) has been fascinating to behold, and equally as heartbreaking to analyze.

And though their growing contempt for each other amidst the seemingly more villainous outside forces that are working against them is incredibly frustrating to witness (PULL IT TOGETHER AND GET ON THE SAME TEAM, LADIES!), the more we learn about their lives, the more we understand why and how they simply cannot bear to be harmonious.

To keep up with this feud of epic, historical proportions in real time, follow the streaming links below!

Date: Sunday, March 19
Start time: 10 p.m. ET
Episode: “Mommie Dearest”
TV Channel: FX
Live Stream: Watch on FX

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As the series progresses, it’ll surely become more and more maddening and intriguing, and the women will, whether we’d like them to or not, reveal themselves as tragic heroes. But no matter how infuriating their behavior may become, or how sad their interwoven downfalls may make us, there’s no way we’ll be stepping away from this Feud until it’s final showdown.