The Entire Outlander Book Series: Ranked

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Photo Courtesy of Book Publisher: Penguin Random House

5. An Echo in the Bone

What I loved:

An Echo in the Bone was an absolute page turner. Since the MacKenzie’s have time traveled back to their original timeline, you would think they were safe right? You couldn’t further from the truth. Thankfully, before the MacKenzie’s end up having another adventure, they get to enjoy life for a second. Mandy receives help for her heart murmur, and Roger seeks out treatment for his injuries due to the hanging incident. I have to say after the fifth book, I never expected Claire, Jamie, and Ian ever to make it back to Scotland. To our delight, they get to Scotland in time to see Jamie’s brother-in-law, Old Ian before he dies. Claire and Ian end up leaving Scotland early without Jamie and his sister. They will leave on another boat. If you made it this far in the series, you know instantly something terrible is about to happen.

What I didn’t like:

One of the most infuriating events that occur in this book is when Jem is kidnapped by Brianna’s co-worker, Rob Cameron. What, what? He befriends the Mackenzie’s and kidnaps the child because he wants to know where the French gold located. Apparently, he knows this information because of the letter Brianna’s parents left her, mentioned the Charles Stewart gold. But here’s the thing, even if I found a letter sent from the 18th Century that suggests gold is hidden somewhere, why would I even believe it? I genuinely cannot wrap my head around how this man would just jump to conclusions that the letter is real or an eight-year-old living in present time would know where the gold is located.

This entire storyline made my eyes roll, but I continued because I had to know Jem was ok. This all felt like a contrived reason to get Roger and Buck use the stones to go back in time.

Let’s get into the Laoghaire situation. At no point did I think Jamie need to see her and apologize. She was a wretched woman who tried to have Claire killed in the first book and almost succeed doing it to Jamie in Voyager. Nope! I won’t budge on this one.