Is Saturday Night Live On This Saturday, March 18?


With the political climate of our country, Saturday Night Live has been the best it’s been in quite some time but is it new tonight?

While we need our weekly fix of Saturday Night Live, we sadly won’t be getting it this week. Or for the rest of March for that matter. So while there is an amazing line up coming up for the rest of the season, we have a while to wait.

April 8 is the next time we will see a new Saturday Night Live on our television sets and that is when Louis C.K comes back to host the show. He’s always a good one and he has musical guest The Chainsmokers.

After Louis, SNL alum Jimmy Fallon will take the stage once more. While his musical guest has yet to be announced (or any musical guest for the rest of the season for that matter) we wonder if it’ll mean that Justin Timberlake will join him on the show!

After Fallon on May 6 is my personal favorite, Chris Pine. He’ll be there to promote his film Wonder Woman that’ll hit theaters on June 2 and is promising to be a great show. Chris is super funny after all. But after him is when the show returns to it’s every week schedule with hosts Melissa McCarthy and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the final two episodes of the season.

And while we still don’t know what the future holds for Alec Baldwin as Trump, we hope he is at least featured in the last episodes of the season. But no matter what, it is promising to be an exciting end.

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