The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Carol, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy

Carol Brady should be elected Mother of the Year just because of the sheer volume of mothering she has to do. Six children is enough to make anybody go insane, but when half of them are daughters, it’s gets even more extreme. Carol was outnumbered, for sure, but she kept her cool pretty well.

Although The Brady Bunch wasn’t the most realistic when it came to depicting realistic and reasonable relationships, there were kernels of truth in all their interaction. Jan has famously become synonymous with the plight of the middle child, and Marcia is a typically enviable older sister to younger siblings.

Carol always did a really good job of differentiating between the needs of her daughters, and you could tell she loved them all. It’s hard to say what how Carol would have handled some real world problems, like teenage pregnancy or drug addiction, but that ‘s the beauty of The Brady Bunch. It was fantasy in the sense that nothing bad ever really happened. You could escape into a world where mothers and daughter didn’t scream in each others’ faces, slam the door, or scream, “You’re ruining my life” once a week. Everybody got to hug it out at the end of the episode.