The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Bonnie and Christy

When this show first started, it was kind of dark, and I couldn’t decide if  I should feel guilty about laughing at it. It’s about Bonnie and Christie, mother and daughter, former drug-addicts, and current roommates. The two have years and years of horrible dysfunction to work out, yet you have to admire the inclination to want to work it out together.

Instead of going to separate therapists, talking about each other to strangers, or taking up knitting, the two decided to work through their recovery together. Like I said, sometimes this show can get super intense – they’ve been evicted from their home, fallen off the wagon, and dealt with the adoption process. As much as I’m laughing with them, I’m also crying a little too. For a half hour sitcom, there’s been more tragedy and sadness than you’d find on an hour long drama.

That’s why Bonnie and Christy are such a remarkable mother/daughter pair. Even though they have a very rocky past, with lots of pain and disappointment between them, they still find a way to laugh at themselves. Most of the time they’re laughing at the other one’s expense, but you have to admire what good sports they are.