The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Marge, Lisa and Maggie

There is no other mother in the world, fictional or real, that is more put upon than Marge Simpson. Her oldest, Bart, requires all her attention, most of it negative. Bart’s extreme mischief is a real drag for the whole family (but great fun for audiences), but Marge somehow always finds time to be a mother to Lisa.

Marge’s values run a little on the traditional side, which often conflicts with Lisa’s feminism and liberalism. The two have very little in common when it comes to their politics, but Marge always allows Lisa to just be a kid. It’s easy to forget that she’s not this badass female juggernaut, but after all is said and done, she is still just a little girl who needs her mom.

Marge sees her through so many crises, both internal and external, that Lisa has come to rely on Marge as her emotional center. When Lisa grappled with depression, Marge vowed to let her have her feelings, let her go through what she’s going through, and be there with her the entire way. Although this seems like a simple way to approach a daughter’s feelings, it can be so hard to execute among all the complicated mother/daughter relationship dynamics.