The Coolest, Most Memorable Mothers And Daughters On TV

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Photo: The WB

These mothers and daughters on TV are the best of the best, and show us how beautiful this relationship can be or just how awful.

The relationship between a mom and her daughter is fraught with complexity and female politics and these mothers and daughters on tv are it’s best examples.

At it’s height, it can be loving, nurturing, and inspirational. At it’s worst, it can venture into some of the most toxic, hateful, and damaging. It’s probably one of the most influential relationships a woman can experience in her life. Because it’s so important, it’s been depicted in countless ways in almost every popular medium, and TV is no different. It’s reliably the most dramatic, emotional and heartbreaking dynamic, and this is why so many shows are built around the relationship.

Whether these TV moms and daughters get along beautifully or make each other miserable, there’s no doubt they make great television. This list might make you want to call your mom and tell her you love her, or it might just validate all the things you’ve always known about how awful she is. We’ve got a mom for everyone.

Just like in real life, some of the moms on this list are caring, compassionate and are the model of maternal love. Others are awful, horrible, scarring witches that probably caused their daughters to have PTSD. Either way, they made us rush to turn our TVs on every week.