Legion Season One, Episode Six Live Stream: Chapter Six


Legion continues to blow audiences away and now that the show is confirmed for a second season, fans can enjoy it even more this week!

Each week, Legion is taking us all by storm. Following David Haller and a group of mutants, we watch as he continually tries to figure out his power and help in the on-coming war. And now that the show is renewed for a second season, we have even more opportunity to see this rare X-Men storyline come to life.

The end of last episode found our heroes all in an insane asylum making us wonder if it is all truly in their heads. We also learned that David is adopted (something fans of the comic already knew since we know who is father is).

But now that they are all seemingly stuck in this strange in between when they don’t know if they are really insane or if they are just being tricked. No matter what it really is, we viewers want to know because this show is honestly one of the best new shows this year.

Hopefully in this next episode we’ll learn more about David and what is happening to him, Syd, Ptonomy and the rest of Melanie Bird’s make-shift crew. After all, she was the one who got them into this scenario. She should be the one to get them out. But let’s be real, we know that David is going to end up being the one who saves everyone.

Check out how to watch Legion and for live stream details below:

Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Start time: 10:00 p.m. EST
Episode: “Chapter 5”
TV Channel: FX
Live Stream: Stream

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