Why Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Should Be Together


Everyone has their favorite couple and when it comes to Harry Potter fans, we have a lot of opinions but here is why it should have been Harry and Hermione.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger should have been together. That’s my take on the whole thing and if you don’t agree, maybe stop reading now. Because this entire article is going to be about why they should have been together.

First of all, they understood each other better than Ron and Hermione or Harry and Ginny ever did. They were best friends and it was clear throughout the series that they should have ended up together. Even J.K Rowling said herself that they should have been together.

But not only that, it feels like a insult that they weren’t together in the end. Mainly because we were set up for years that these two loved each other and then they’re just friends. In a way, I guess it is cool because it showed us that guys and girls can be friends. But that could have been done with Ron and Hermione instead.

It just fits better than any of the other couple from the trio. Mainly because they are the two who understood each other better than anyone else. Even if Ron and Harry were best friends, Hermione still knew Harry better than Ron ever could.

But instead we were forced to live through Ron and Hermione kissing and Harry being awkward with Ginny. In my opinion, it could still be Hermione and Harry if J.K Rowling does a little tweaking of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child when it comes to New York City.

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So while you may not agree, I believe that Harry and Hermione were the true OTP of the Harry Potter series.