Snowed In? Here Are Some Movies to Watch On the Snow Day


When the snow day hits, many don’t know what to do with their free time. So here is a list of movies to watch while snowed in!

When it comes to being stuck in a snow day, it can seem amazing. But then you hit that mid day slump and don’t know what to do with yourself. So we have the solution here at Culturess. Here are some movies you can watch to help pass the time!

And if not, here’s all that time you needed to binge watch your favorite show!

Beauty and the Beast

With the movie coming out this week, it is the perfect time to relive the classic! The Disney movie that defined a generation is an easy movie to watch and just fun to see. So why not rewatch it when you have nothing else to do?

And really, it is just a feel good movie and that’s what you need on a snow day!

The Big Lebowski

When it comes to being trapped, you have to be interested in just hanging out. If you want to go out, your day isn’t going to be great. But if you’re ready to chill and hang out, then The Big Lebowski would be the perfect movie for you to watch.

It is chill and just a great movie overall.

Superhero Movies

Really, who doesn’t love to watch a superhero movie? It doesn’t matter if you love DC Comics or Marvel, they’re just fun to watch and make the time pass by. So pick your favorite hero and just enjoy. Because then you can enjoy your day the way you want to.

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So whatever you want to do today, do it. It is your snow day after all.