Solve the Riddle to Figure Out J.K Rowling’s New Book Title


The Cormoran Strike series has a new book coming out but you’ll have to solve J.K Rowling’s riddle to figure out what the title actually is.

Well, J.K Rowling can never give us anything easily. And now we can’t even get a title for her new book without doing a little bit of work! In the newest Rowling trivia, there is a riddle you can solve to figure out the title to her latest in the Cormoran Strike series.

Or well, you could have before someone else figured it out and ended up with a signed copy of the book from J.K herself!

For many, they threw in joke suggestions and a few took them seriously. But in the end, one lucky Twitter user figured it out and ended up with a signed copy when the book is released! And boy are we jealous that we didn’t figure it out sooner!

And then she showed us all what our wit could give us.

Guess it pays off being intelligent in the end so the Ravenclaws would have one this round. But still, we have a new title for the Cormoran Strike series and it’s a pretty good one. We’re interested to see what the book will be like and now we just have to figure out what that other novel she was writing is about.

Here’s to hoping it is finally that Marauder’s series we’ve always wanted. Because really, it has been too long for us all.

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Check back here on Wizards and Whatnot for more information on the new book and news about the HBO series as it comes out. And check back for all the new J.K Rowling news. Because she is, after all, our queen.