6 Kids Shows That Have Changed The Conversation

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5. Girl Meets World (Disney Channel)

In the late ’90s, nothing could top a life lesson from Mr. Feeny. He helped Cory, Shawn and Topanga (not to mention viewers) meet the world and conquer it. So, when Boy Meets World eventually came to an end, there was a void that left us all screaming the Feeny Call into the abyss. That was until Disney Channel decided to create a spinoff series called Girl Meets World.

Though most Disney Channel shows only get a four-season run at most, Girl Meets World had everyone wanting more. Fans of the original series loved the callbacks and cameos – we all cried when Mr. Feeny married Shawn Hunter and Katy Hart – and younger audiences loved the unbreakable friendship between Maya and Riley.

The show came from the original BMW writers, and true to form, it taught incredible lessons. Girl Meets World tackled cultural appropriation, Asperger’s Syndrome and bullying, among others. In ‘Girl Meets Rileytown’ the writers depicted a cyber bullying story that hit close to home for many, without actually showing the attacker’s face.

The show’s creator has confirmed that they are in very early talks to continue the show on a streaming platform, but nothing is official yet. But with lessons like theirs, fingers are definitely crossed.