25 of Marvel’s best spacefaring characters

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Corsair and Hepzibah (Image via Marvel)

2. Corsair

I’ve given Corsair a lot of grief recently, and I’ll probably do so again. You see, he’s Cyclops’ dad. Now, you may be wondering, why don’t we see him hanging around with his emotionally damaged son more often? Surely, he’d be a semi-regular fixture in the X-Men series, if nothing else.

Well, you see, he’s been pretty busy having adventures in space with his skunk-like girlfriend and other cool aliens. I’m sure he meant to see how his young son was doing, especially when Corsair (formerly USAF Major Christopher Summers) got his own ship. It’s just, you know, one thing happened after another and – wow, how the years fly by!

Now, to be fair, fighting injustice on a cosmic scale really does take up a lot of time. It’s especially intensive when you’re fighting a major alien empire like the Shi’ar. Also, coming up with a sweet 1970s-era costume, complete with headband and luxurious mustache can be really time-consuming, okay, Scott?

Now, to be fair, Corsair did manage to make up with his son after Cyclops was killed by supervillain Apocalypse and subsequently resurrected. In fact, he’s even spending some quality time traveling the galaxy with a time-displaced teenage Cyclops. Maybe there’s some hope for Mr. Cyclops’ Dad after all. Groovy.