25 of Marvel’s best spacefaring characters

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Lockjaw with Ms. Marvel (Image via Marvel)

24. Lockjaw

Most families are quite complete until they’ve acquired a pet of some sort. When your family happens to be the royal family of a race of superhumans, it turns out that your pet has to be up to the same level. As a result, the Inhumans don’t have any old pet. No goldfish or terriers for them, no sir. Instead, they’ve got Lockjaw.

At first glance, you might just think that Lockjaw is an incredibly, almost improbably huge bulldog. However, he is far more than a gigantic family pet. He’s also a convenient teleportation device.

How exactly Lockjaw got his powers isn’t clear. Most people think that he must have started life out as a more or less normal canine, but then was exposed to the mutation-inducing Terrigen Mists. At one point, it was claimed that Lockjaw had actually been humanoid, but this has since been revealed as a strangely elaborate joke.

At any rate, Lockjaw is still a very good boy. He is incredibly strong, to the point where even the Fantastic Four’s Thing couldn’t get him to let go. Not only can Lockjaw teleport people around the galaxy, but he can also do so between dimensions. Energy barriers, by the way, are no issue for this super-powered dog. Later on, the Kree enhance his powers, meaning that he can now transport himself and others over incredibly long distances across the galaxy.