25 of Marvel’s best spacefaring characters

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Groot (Image via Marvel)

13. Groot

Don’t just say that Groot is a big, talking tree. In reality, he’s a member of Flora colossus, a species of tree-like beings from Planet X. And, no, they aren’t really saying “I am Groot” over and over, you silly human. It’s just that their larynxes are so stiff and their speech so subtle that you can’t hear them correctly.

The Flora colossi are also geniuses, thanks to their method of learning through photosynthesis. It certainly appears to be way more efficient than sitting in a school all day long. The sapling that would later be known as “Groot” held as especially fine understanding of engineering.

Groot, however, soon came into conflict with his society. He grew fond of the “Maintenance Mammals”, squirrel-like creatures that maintained his planet’s ecosystem. When he encountered another sapling hurting one of these mammals, Groot killed the torturer and was subsequently exiled. Another storyline claims that Groot left when he realized that his people were busy abducting innocent beings.

Either way, Groot just wanders the galaxy for a while, until he finally meets Rocket Raccoon. The two become friends and eventually join the Guardians of the Galaxy together. Despite his goofy appearance, Groot has proven to be a formidable member of the team.

Groot’s got a lot of powers. For one, he can regenerate himself from just a small twig. In fact, after reading enough comics issues featuring Groot, you begin to wonder if he can be killed at all. Groot can also manipulate various plants to either help or attack those around him. Pretty good for an animate tree.