The 15 Netflix Comedy Specials We Love (or Look Forward To Loving)

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2. Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy

Released January 24, 2017; Out Now

Cristela Alonzo matters. Let’s say that again: she matters. Comedy is a man’s world, and women comedians are forced to run a virtual gauntlet when it comes to getting acceptance from their male peers (and there’s no guarantee they will ever earn their respect). And this premise assumes that the woman comedian in question is white; if she’s a WoC, she’ll be subjected to much, much worse. And in the face of this testosterone-fest emerges Cristela Alonzo, who was the first Mexican-American woman to write, produce, and star in her own network show.

Her new comedy special, Lower Classy (out now), picks up where her woefully-short-lived eponymous show left off: a first-generation American Latina makes poignant observations about life, love, and her love life. It’s a must-watch, and it’s the first runner-up on our list of the 15 Netflix comedy specials we highly recommend.