Top 10 Characters of The Vampire Diaries Ranked

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3. Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett deserved better, and that’s an indisputable fact. While everyone went through pain, time and time again, Bonnie went through more. She sacrificed herself time and time again, literally dying for her friends and loved ones multiple times and still, Bonnie Bennett never got a happy ending. Plus, she drained her magic, lost her grandmother, mother, father, everyone, and died herself and yet, Bonnie Bennett never got a happy ending.

She was strong, and good, and didn’t take anyone’s crap – and for that, Bonnie Bennett is high on this list and in my heart.

Can we talk about the time she took on Original vampire Klaus, knowing full well she could die, and still not giving it a second thought because it would save Elena? Or can we talk about Bonnie Bennett bringing Jeremy back from the dead at the expense of her own life, and then not telling anyone she was dead for weeks because she didn’t want to upset them? Can we talk about Bonnie Bennett literally saving the damn world in the series finale?

Yeah, Bonnie Bennett is a hero, sassy and all, and we will miss her on our screens every week. She gave it as good as she got, and she was a witch unlike any other.