Top 10 Characters of The Vampire Diaries Ranked

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1. Elena Gilbert

Oh, Elena, the queen of the show and the heart of the story. After all, it was her diary that prompted the series. It was her journey that drove the story and she was the glue holding them all together.

Her parents dying — and her narrowly and miraculously being the lone survivor of the accident — prompted the beginning of the series. And her resurgence, her rising from the ashes and pushing herself to live her life every day, is what led her to Stefan, to the Salvatores, to a life of passion, adventure, and even a little danger.

She was selfless and kind, empathetic and pure. She could be stubborn, and she sometimes didn’t know when to give up. But that was the thing about Elena Gilbert, she never gave up. Never gave up on Stefan or Damon, and she never gave up on finding her own happy ending.

One that she eventually got. When Bonnie woke her up, years after Kai put her in a sleeping beauty like spell, she got her life with Damon – medical school, marriage, and most importantly, she found peace.

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