15 TV crossover couples you didn’t realize you need

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“Younger” (Airs 11/30, 10PM ET/PT) Photo courtesy of TV Land. Alexis Bledel stars as Rory Gilmore in Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” revival, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

13. Josh (Younger) and Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life)

Even now, the debate amongst Gilmore fans rages on: Team Dean, Team Logan or Team Jess. But after Netflix’s revival of the show, Rory is still on her own. In an ideal world, Rory’s perfect man would be a combination of all three of her exes (wait, four…sorry Paul). Conveniently, that combo exists over on TV Land, in Josh from Younger. The tattoo artist is affectionate like Dean, edgy like Jess and adventurous like Logan. Most importantly, all three men pushed Rory to explore different sides of herself.

First and foremost, Rory and Josh are age appropriate for each other. Nothing against Liza, but this makes for way fewer complications. Rory might not always have a strong grasp on ethics, but she is loyal, a trait he needs in a woman. Though Josh never finished high school, he’s smart enough to keep up with Rory. If anything, she might inspire him to continue his studies, or maybe give reading more of a chance. Josh is also incredibly understanding. Rory can be the actual worst, so a man with an open heart is exactly what she needs. He’ll push her to be better and do better, but in less impulsive ways than Logan might have.

On a deeper level, Josh is a family-oriented man. Given where we left Rory at the end of the revival, there’s no doubt Josh would step up to raise a child with her. He would have no issue eating like a Gilmore and would love Rory’s family. The jury’s still out on whether Emily Gilmore would approve of Josh’s work, but being a business owner at all scores him points.