15 TV crossover couples you didn’t realize you need

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Parenthood Season 2, Episode 12. Official Image via NBC THIS IS US — “I Call Marriage” Episode 114 — Pictured: Justin Hartley as Kevin Pearson — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

10. Sarah Braverman (Parenthood) and Kevin Pearson (This Is Us)

Lauren Graham has played plenty of incredible characters over the years, but the one best suited for Kevin Pearson is Sarah Braverman. This Is Us has been compared to Parenthood since its pilot, so it’s only fitting to explore the possibility of this crossover. Both shows feed on human emotion, drawing strength from the tears of viewers. But in the lighter moments of the drama, both Sarah and Kevin bring pure-hearted humor, along with some solid one-liners.

Kevin Pearson has had odd luck in the love department so far. After deciding to become a serious actor and moving to New York, he had short-lived yet semi-serious relationships with Olivia and Sloane. Now, he’s pursuing his ex-wife Sophie. In place of these three, Sarah Braverman would offer equally adorable chemistry with a bit less baggage.

With two kids of her own, Sarah would push Kevin to grow up in a different way than This Is Us fans have seen this season. On the flip side, Kevin’s boyish charm would keep Sarah on her toes and lead to spontaneous adventures. Like Kevin, Sarah has an artistic soul, which he would only encourage. With his dedication and acting, and her writing skills, it’s not hard to believe the professional success they’d have together.

But the biggest draw here? Kevin and Sarah both come from big families, and imagining a Thanksgiving dinner with the whole Pearson AND Braverman clan inspires some serious FOMO.