20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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7. Get Mystique!

As dumb as the title is, Get Mystique! is a surprisingly good story. Not only do we get to spend time with perhaps one of the most popular X-Men ever, but the story also focuses on one of its greatest villains, Mystique. The blue, shapeshifting baddie is fun enough on her own, but watching her face off against Wolverine is some next level stuff.

The story generally acts as a follow-up to Messiah Complex, which is generally considered to be an overblown mess of an X-Men crossover. Mystique has generally been a villain (the details aren’t quite that important) and Wolverine has to track her down.

What really makes this one interesting is the flashbacks. Yeah, we’re all starting to wonder if Wolverine lives half his life through flashbacks at this point. Still, they can work pretty well in the hands of an able creative team.

Anyway, this particular story switches between the present-day and 1920s Kansas, where Wolverine and Mystique are Bonnie and Clyde-style hellraisers. If that premise alone doesn’t get you, then what will? Maybe the richly layered, often contentious relationship between the two mutants that has been built up over decades? This is a smart, fun story that you might want as a bit of a palate cleanser amongst some of the grimmer offerings.