20 Of The Best Wolverine Stories

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Madripoor Knights (Image via Marvel)

3. Madripoor Knights

Sometimes, people forget that Wolverine is old. Like, really old. Of course, now with movies like 2013’s The Wolverine, more and more audiences are aware that Logan has been around since at least World War II. But when Madripoor Knights came out in 1990 (in Uncanny X-Men #268), it was still a new concept.

Given that it was then in the hands of Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee, it was bound to be pretty good. In fact, Jim Lee’s work ended up as one of the most defining, iconic looks for Wolverine up until the present day.

It was also one of the first inter-Marvel team-ups to gain attention. Before this story, the X-Men especially were content to exist in their own little bubble. To be honest, it’s also just plain satisfying to see Wolverine, Captain America, and the Black Widow team up and kick some World War II-era butt.

The story begins with Captain America fighting the Hand, a mysterious order of ninjas. He’s rescued by a mysterious stranger named Logan. Together, they fight Nazis and ninjas (yeah, sometimes you have to shrug off weird plot points in even the best stories), before eventually saving the Black Widow, who is all set to become a master assassin for the bad guys.

We also learn a little more about Logan’s history, especially on the fictional Southeast Asian island of Madripoor. In all, it’s a fun story and an interesting peek into more of Wolverine’s past.