15 Changes the DCEU Needs To Make For Its Upcoming Movies

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Image via Warner Brothers

Zack Snyder Is A Decent Director But That’s It

Now, I’m not a Zack Snyder hater. I think the guy is pretty talented but has major weak spots. His earlier films are arguably his best work: Dawn of the Dead (2004), 300 and Watchmen. We run into trouble around Sucker Punch (2011) and then his work with the DCEU, where he’s basically leading the charge.

These films where he has ultimate creative control is where a lot of problems are occurring. The stories make no sense, or story is being sacrificed for visuals. The editing is sloppy, the films are overstuffed, and a lot of “impactful” moments end up missing the mark.

In my opinion, Zach Snyder is a guy who needs to be reigned in. When working with a blueprint, he can deliver a visually stunning and cohesive film. When he gets to sign off on every detail and has control over the entire vision, things get sloppy. Snyder needs a demotion to director only, and a different figure needs to step up to the plate and organize the overall vision for the DCEU.

Over at Marvel, it’s Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. In Fox’s X-Men world, it’s director Bryan Singer, who had made successful X-Men films before getting handed the keys to the kingdom (unlike Snyder, who got free reign immediately after Man of Steel). Kathleen Kennedy is the producer overseeing the Star Wars universe, and she’s got decades of filmmaking experience under her belt.

WB jumped the gun by letting Snyder take control of their entire superhero roster, but he’s not the right man for the job.