Stephen Colbert Continues to Take on Donald Trump and Crazy Town


Last week seemed like Trump might be on the track to actually being a president but as Stephen Colbert points out, he’s back to crazy town.

Stephen Colbert pointed out how dangerous Trump’s tweet storm was this weekend. For those who don’t know, the president took to Twitter to say that Obama wire-tapped Trump. Well, according to Trump, you spell tap with two ps!

But as Colbert points out, Trump was doing well last week before he suddenly went to crazy town on the Obama front. The accusations came out of nowhere and the only bit of evidence Trump had was from a Breitbart article. Which is apparently how the president gets most of his news. And as we all know, that is absolutely bonkers.

What’s even scarier is that now we have to take all of Trump’s accusations seriously. And the only reason this happened was because Trump was angry that Sessions had to recuse himself because of his involvement with Russia.

But Stephen Colbert took it one step further. To pretty much anger Trump as much as he could, he created a diagram of Trump’s ties to Russia. You know, those ties that Trump says do not exist even though we all know that’s a lie.

“Donald Trump became president and then four days later he became Donald Trump again.” Because, as Colbert points out, this is probably a distraction for something bigger happening in the Trump campaign. Mainly his connections to Russia (and after this week, that is definitely something that Trump wasn’t to make us not think about).

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Check out Colbert every night during the week. He’s doing a great job and making sure we all know about what is going on.