Star Trek Discovery Found its New Captain in Jason Isaacs


Star Trek fans are just as dedicated as Harry Potter fans and now our worlds can collide with the addition of Jason Isaacs to the cast of Discovery!

For those who don’t know about Star Trek: Discovery, they now have a Harry Potter alumni as their captain with Jason Isaacs! The show, which was supposed to premiere in January, has continually been pushed back.

But now they have their captain and fans are screaming! For those who are unaware of Star Trek, their fans are just as dedicated as Potter fans. In fact moreso (mainly because the show is now 50 years old).

But now those worlds no longer have to live separately (if they ever really did). Discovery, which focuses on a Starfleet discovery unit, has an all-star cast and Jason just helps grab more attention. If you were a fan of Star Trek before, I highly suggest checking out at least this new show.

Star Trek in general is a lot like the Harry Potter fandom in a weird way. It is a show about inclusion and made fans feel like they belonged. Much like Hogwarts and the home we all found there if you ask me.

Plus it is just about a world where many of us would love to life. Starfleet promotes peace throughout the galaxy and explores new worlds. It is a great time to bring to life a new Star Trek show and lucky for us all, we get to see Jason at the helm of it. And just imagine him in that uniform! It’s going to be great.

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Check back here at Wizards and What Not for more up to date information on Star Trek: Discovery and Jason’s involvement! It’s sure to be an amazing role for him!