20 Most Iconic Elena Gilbert Moments

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5. Goes to rescue Caroline from Alaric (3.21)

After Darkside Alaric wakes up and does complete his vampire transition after his emotional funeral scene the episode before, he comes back with a vengeance – and kidnaps Caroline to lure Elena out of her safe house.

Let it be known that Elena Gilbert is well deserving of the title hero. She’s never shied away from throwing herself into the line of danger for loved ones, often wrecklessly, and that kind of heroism can’t be ignored.

So when Alaric tells Elena to come to the high school, alone, she does so without a second thought – and even takes on original, supercharged vampire Alaric without any powers of her own to try to save Caroline’s life (hint: she does). It doesn’t turn out great for her – though she gets away from Alaric, she’s just kidnapped by Klaus in turn, and then drained of a whole lot of blood – it was worth it. She’s never second guessed or regretted saving her friends.

We all need friends like Elena Gilbert.