15 Game Of Thrones theories that are just plain awesome

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6. Official Image via HBO/Helen Sloan

13. From Incest to Murder

One of the most popular Game of Thrones theories is that the relationship between Jamie and Cersei will take a dark turn.
How much darker than incest – followed by children that are a product of that incest – can you go?

Simple: murder.

While this theory will turn Game of Thrones into a bit of an Investigation Discovery special, it’s also not that far “out there.”
We’ll recall that, last season, we got a glimpse into a childhood prophecy that Cersei received: not only would she rule over Westeros, but all of her children would die. However, her rule of Westeros would not be a happy one, as she would be killed by her “Valonquar,” or her little brother. This leaves one of two options: either Tyrion kills her, or Jamie kills her.

And while there’s no love lost between Tyrion and and Cersei, it was Jamie who was horrified at her coronation, and it was Jamie who lost all of his children (including his beloved daughter, Myrcella). That gives Jamie more of a motive to kill Cersei than Tyrion, that’s for sure.

And since only one of Cersei’s little brothers has the title of Kingslayer…