Grammys 2017: Predictions

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Best Pop Vocal Album

This category is stacked with plenty of big names, but only a couple options here have a real shot at winning. Typically, if your album is nominated for “Album of the Year”, you’re also likely to win “Best Album” in your specific genre. But in this case, both Adele and Justin Bieber are also nominated for “Album of the Year”. So it comes down to one of them being the likely winner. Sorry Ariana, Demi, and Sia. Maybe next time. So who will it be?

The Nominees

25 — Adele

Purpose — Justin Bieber

Dangerous Woman — Ariana Grande

Confident — Demi Lovato

This Is Acting — Sia

Who Will Win

Adele will come away winning this one. Overall 25 was pretty well received and shines above the others in this category. Was it Adele’s best album? No. But it’s still Adele and 25 was still an album filled with a nice variety of potential pop hits. “Hello” was one of the most anticipated and buzzed songs of the year and is nominated is pretty much every category that it can be nominated in. It’s obvious that the Academy loves it. So yes, Adele will rightfully win this one. Sorry, Biebs!