Hillary Clinton is Writing a New Book of Essays


Although she may have lost the presidential election last year, Hillary Clinton is writing a new book of essays about her experiences.

Hillary Clinton’s mostly stayed away from public life since her loss in the presidential election last year. Granted, she has spent a lot of time in the woods. In fact, Saturday Night Live even wrote a sketch about it. Additionally, she paid a visit to Capitol Hill for some remarks in December. Beyond that, though, she’s been quiet.

That may be because she’s working on a new book. The Associated Press confirmed today that she has plans to publish a book of essays with Simon & Schuster sometime in the fall. At this time, no title was given. However, she will take nods from “favorite quotations” in order to inspire these essays.

It also sounds like some of those essays may include commentary on the general election last year. She may also talk more about her experiences in the primary, where she faced off against Senator Bernie Sanders. One also wonders if she will reflect on the historicity of her campaign, as she did when she clinched the Democratic nomination.

Additionally, It Takes a Village will be re-released this summer. The AP confirmed a new illustrated version will be released for younger readers. The book originally appeared during her time as first lady, with Goodreads listing a publication date of 1996.

Clinton has published other books as well, including two memoirs: Living History, which deals primarily with her time as first lady; and Hard Choiceswhich is about her time as secretary of state under former president Barack Obama during his first term in office. Last year, she and Tim Kaine, her vice-presidential candidate, published Stronger Together in an ebook format.

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Hillary Clinton’s newest book is currently scheduled for the fall.