Culturess’ Official Ranking of Doctors in Doctor Who

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 13. Tenth Doctor (One Hearted Variation): David Tennant

People yelled that Moffat cheated by counting this. But having already screwed the numbering system sideways by introducing the John Hurt’s reincarnation in the 50th Anniversary (and making sure we all knew he fell between the Eighth and Ninth Doctors, so there was no confusing him with The Valeyard), there was a sense he might as well just go whole hog and count the extra Doctor grown from David Tennant. He was grown from the convenient Hand in a Jar at the end of the Tenth Doctor’s last traditional Season.

So was he really a reincarnation of our favorite traveling Time Lord? He had one heart, one life and he basically existed in order to wrap up the unfinished love story between the Tenth Doctor and Rose that had overshadowed everything since Billie Piper left the show. Rose is one of the top five companions in my book (but that’s for another countdown). Did she really deserve her own verison of the Time Lord to live happily ever after? Ten/Rose shippers would say yes, those who were thoroughly tired of the constant romancing of the Doctor were less certain. More importantly, did that clone really deserve to count on the list in order to be able to reboot the numbering system with Capaldi? Either way, he was still a better Time Lord than Colin Baker. Yeah, I said it.