17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Happy Endings

Happy Endings is what Friends wishes it could have been if it happened post-social media, didn’t have to be so white, and was a little less G-rated. Don’t send me mean tweets. I loved Friends just as much as anybody, but my humor skews a little to the more inappropriate side of things, and (I’m not afraid to admit it) super mean.

Happy Endings is the story of a group of friends in Chicago who do mean stuff to each other, offer real talk on all kinds of subject, suffer no foolishness from one another, and are far funnier than any “friendship” sitcom, ever. Yes, I’ve said it, Happy Endings is better than all the other ensemble comedies. It’s seriously a crime that more people didn’t watch it during its original run on ABC. It’s only a small consolation that every person who watched it loved it.

Featuring the millennial stylings of Elisha Cuthbert, Eliza Coupe, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson, and Adam Pally, it’s mostly self-deprecating dialogue, a heavy dose of pop culture references, and carefully crafted burns. When I die and (if I) go to heaven, they’ll be showing Happy Endings on the big screen.

All three seasons are available on Hulu.