17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Photo: USA Networks


Sirens flies under the radar over there on the USA Network. It’s an unexpected comedy about EMTs, and emergency medicine has never been so enjoyable. We’re so used to seeing first responders on TV entrenched in high melodrama and absurdly convoluted accidents. Sirens isn’t any of that and will make you wish that those other Chicago paramedics had half the sense of humor that these folks do.

It’s so low-key that most folks didn’t even realize this show was airing back in 2014, but it’s surprisingly smart. USA is known for their reliably solid efforts in original programming, and this show about a EMT station is no different. The fact that it is produced by Denis Leary is highly misleading, since so many folks loved Rescue Me, and the premise is so captivatingly thin. It’s just a bunch of bros, who happen to be EMTs, doing some stuff and being friends.

It’s raunchy and fun, and it’s the kind of show you can enjoy with one eye — that is to say, you can have it on while you fold laundry, sneak in a post-holiday workout, check Instagram, or spend those gift cards online.

Both seasons one and two are available on Netflix.