50 Times Hillary Clinton was Inspiring to Everyone

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HARRISBURG, PA – For a day of Pennsylvania campaigning, Democratic Nominee for President of the United States former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Tuesday October 4, 2016. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

8. Clinton Making Women Proud Again

Hillary Clinton has taught us that we, as women, have a lot to be proud of. We have come a long way since the beginning of this country. Not only can we vote now but we can hold jobs, we can run our own companies, and we can even run for president.

We still can’t apparently be paid as much as our male counterparts and who knows when that is going to change but at least we are all aware of the fact that women are so much more important that anyone has ever given us credit for.

And we owe that feeling of pride to Hillary. Yes, there are plenty of strong women out there who work day in and day out to make women across the globe proud to be a woman. But in America, it took seeing Hillary Clinton succeed in a way that no white man had done before that made us so happy to have her representing us.

She was the first woman to run for president and she beat out every white man who ever won the popular vote. Hillary Clinton is amazing and truly inspires all women out there to be proud that we are women and that we are strong.