50 Times Hillary Clinton was Inspiring to Everyone

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(Premium Pricing – DOUBLE RATES APPLY) Hillary Clinton Senatorial Campaign For The Elections Of November 7Th, 2000 In The State Of New York. Aux Etats-Unis, en octobre 2000, Hillary CLINTON en campagne pour les élections sénatoriales du 7 novembre 2000 dans l”Etat de New York. dans une pièce de la Maison blanche, un mug à la main. (Photo by Jean-Louis Atlan/Paris Match via Getty Images)

18. Overcoming her Public Image

Here is the thing about Hillary Clinton and her public image: it has been tarnished time and time again and she still rises above it. From Bill cheating on her with Monica Lewinsky to her email scandal, Hillary has faced her fair share of problems with the public.

But Hillary continued to rise above it and you know what was her downfall? A false lead on her email scandal that clinched the hatred of Hillary in the eyes of some Americans. Those on the fence about her completely turned to Trump once the FBI released that their installment of her emails.

It made them tired of the whole situation and they gave up on our girl Hillary. And because of that, we ended up with Trump being president. But Hillary continued to fight through her public image and that is inspiring to us all.

She wanted to be the best she could be and she worked towards that. She wasn’t going to let anyone tear her down and she made sure that she did all she could to make sure that she was viewed as her true self by the media. They tried to villainize her but she didn’t let them.