10 Reasons Love Actually Gets Us into the Holiday Spirit

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10. A Sense of Family

In the movie, there are multiple families that take precedence. There is Harry and Karen and their two children, there is Daniel and Sam, and then there are all the secondary families of the main characters.

But what is exciting about it is that it instills in us a sense of love of our own family and make us long to be with them. It might also be because this movie is a family movie for me that we watch every year but it also makes me want to be with my mom.

The movie just has this quality where you can watch it every year, and it never gets old. It is easy to put on with family and just enjoy it without having to really focus on anything else. But the amount of families struggling with the holidays, it reminds us that family is important.

While we don’t all have happy families, the movie reflects that. There are broken families and ones where people don’t want to be together. It makes us realize that we can make our own families and that the holidays are just about spending them with people who are important to you. That might not be your blood family.