11 Shows To Watch To Combat The Holiday Blues

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Photo: HBO


I need HBO’s Veep in my life to keep me current on the dirtiest and most profane curse words, meanest insults, and to make me feel better about my anger management problems. Comparatively, Selina Meyer is doing way worse than I am at impulse control.

Veep stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Vice President -turned-President Selina Meyer, and every single performance is a dream come true for me. Selina is possibly the most inept politician (although, at this point, the political bar is set so low, it’s hard to judge what’s good or bad), and she stumbles through diplomacy, domestic policy, foreign affairs, and is the absolute most wonderful insulter. She has a creative mind that will melt your face off if you cross her.

At this point in the holiday season, every finger has a paper cut on it, I have burns on both palms, there are pine needles over every square inch of my living room, and the recycling container is running over with wine bottles and Amazon boxes. I need cursing, misplaced anger, and inappropriate fit-pitching, even if it’s by proxy via Selina Meyer. Watch this when you need an anger release, but you’re too tired to do it yourself.