20 Best Muppet Christmas Carol Moments

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(Image via Walt Disney Pictures/Jim Henson Productions)

11. Fozziwig

Oh, Fozzie. Everyone loves Fozzie Bear, right? He is known for being absolutely terrible at comedy; he’s so terrible, in fact, that he circles right back around to being funny again, or at least something like it. He also wears a pork pie hat, and if a bear in a hat doesn’t amuse you on some level, I don’t know how to help you.

No pork pie hats in this movie, however. That said, Fozzie does cameo as Fozziwig, young Scrooge’s old employer. Naturally enough, he runs a rubber chicken factory. I’m sure those were incredibly popular during the 19th century in England.

His name is a play on “Fezziwig”, the character in the original story. He’s described as Scrooge’s polar opposite: a happy, foppish man who lives for celebration.

Fozziwig appears during the Christmas Past section, where he is throwing an annual Christmas party. Unlike Scrooge, who is too focused on business to take much a break, Fozziwig is reveling in the holiday cheer. Scrooge doesn’t stop until Fozziwig introduces him to Belle, a beautiful young woman. Of course, since you may have noticed that there is no Belle in the present day, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that she dumps young Scrooge.

Well, at least Fozzie tried to set them up.