20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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3. “The One With the Holiday Armadillo” – Friends, Season 7

The sound of Ross Gellar’s booming voice announcing he’s the “Holiday Armadillo” is enough to crack us all up. This episode gives us the warm and fuzzies because we see just how these six friends will do virtually anything for one another.

Ross is desperate to connect with his son Ben and give him a crash course in his Jewish heritage, something he’s not fully embracing. Since there’re no Santa outfits to rent so close to Christmas, he has to show up as the Holiday Armadillo, Santa’s half-Jewish friend who’s the representative for all the southern states (and Mexico!). Chandler, despite his prickliness around children, is willing to dress up like Santa in order to help his friend out. It was a nice gesture for him to sit and listen to the story of the Festival of Lights, which is then hilariously compounded by Joey’s Christmas Superman.

In the meantime, Phoebe just can’t wait to be back in the apartment with Rachel, which was recently renovated after the hair-straightener fire. Even though Phoebe’s gifts are intended to annoy her enough into leaving Joey’s apartment, she still keeps within the holiday spirit and buys a drum-kit for her friend. Not a cheap gift, but that’s how much Rachel’s friendship really means to her. There’s a ton going on in the Friends-verse, and this is one of those Christmas episodes that’s sure to go down in history.