20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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Courtesy: NBC

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where we celebrate love, family, and togetherness. So let’s all huddle around the fire and our big screens and recap some of our favorite Christmas TV episodes, from shows both on and off the air!

For some, television shows aren’t just entertainment, they’re a way of life. They make us laugh, cry, rage, and question humanity, all sometimes in under an hour. It’s comforting to see characters who grow and develop much like we do in our day to day lives. We also get to see how our favorites celebrate the holiday season. What better way to relive some of the warmth we feel around holiday-time with a recap of some of our favorite Christmas TV episodes?

These 20 episodes we’ve chosen specifically revolve around Christmas or encompass the holiday spirit. Any one of these you pick just have that distinguishing flavor about them, which feel right for a rewatch around the end of December. But there’s always plenty of holiday tales to tell. If you’ve got some other ideas or you’d like to add your own thoughts about your favorite holiday episodes, we’d love to hear them. But for now, let’s get it going!