15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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13. Weird Cantina Scene

Okay, so the only saving grace out of this whole thing is Bea Arthur. She comes in and gives it her all and even though the writing is absolutely terrible, she tries. Honestly, she is the only one that does try.

Bea’s role is the bartender (Maybe the owner? Who knows.) of the Cantina on Tatooine and they make everyone go home early one night. All the people are complete monsters to her and refuse to leave when she tells them to. But then she sings them a song and they willingly leave. It makes zero sense.

If Bea Arthur sang to me, I’d want to stay and hear more. But these guys are like, “Oh okay, she sang so it’s time to roll out fellas” and they all just go home. After having JUST fought her for like thirty minutes about not wanting to leave.

AGAIN, THIS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL IS TERRIBLE. It makes us not care about Life Day in the slightest because of terrible things like this.

But, in the end, Bea pours alcohol on a guy’s head, sings songs and then kicks out the band. It works out in the weirdest possible way and again, I’m 99% sure that whoever wrote this had no idea what Star Wars was about.