15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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Image courtesy of Disney

14. Cartoon Han Solo

This cartoon makes me livid because, yeah we get introduced to Boba Fett and what not but, they made Harrison Ford into the ugliest cartoon alive. Hadn’t they ever seen Harrison Ford before this moment? Do they not know that he was the hottest person ever in Star Wars? Who made this? Why do they hate Harrison? Someone please tell me.

And if every one of the characters looked like that fine but no, they don’t. Luke actually looks really hot as a cartoon. Even Chewie looks better than Han. Like, I just don’t get it. In what world would you make Harrison Ford look that terrible? He became a sex symbol after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope but this cartoon makes us think everyone hated him.

Like, I get it. You had to draw a beautiful man. But you made Luke Skywalker look like the hottest man alive and like Han Solo was a dirt man that no one loved. No wonder Harrison Ford hates it. Who does that to him? Especially to Harrison Ford in his prime?

So, one of the reasons this special is absolutely unwatchable is their treatment of Harrison Ford’s face. How dare they.