Here are the 10 Best Characters from Season One of Westworld

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Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld season 1, screenshot courtesy of HBO

1. Dolores Abernathy

Basically the lead of the show, Dolores Abernathy is a strong woman who brings on her own narrative aside from what the creators give her. She starts to remember and do things against her storyline, and Bernard lets her.

The job of the hosts are to take the guests on journeys based on storylines pre-created with each character the guest comes in contact with. With Dolores, she is meant to be the girl next door whose family always continues to die.

In the beginning, she would continue to fall in love with Teddy and then watch as her entire family and Teddy get murdered. Each day it happened, and then she finally got out of her own loop. She ended up murdering another host and running to William and Logan. The two think this is a separate storyline and part of the game when, in reality, it is part of the host problem that Bernard and the creators have.

Dolores is strong and develops her own sense of agency throughout the first season, and Evan Rachel Wood does an amazing job playing her. Dolores Abernathy is easily the best character on the show and gives us a female lead we can all root for.