J.K Rowling May Just Be Rita Skeeter Or the Whole Magic Thing is Fake

There is a theory out there that J.K Rowling is, in fact, Rita Skeeter and that she is a witch trying to expose the wizarding world to us all.

Fans have a theory that Harry Potter author J.K Rowling is actually Rita Skeeter. For those who may have stumbled upon this post without any previous knowledge, let us explain. Rita Skeeter is a journalist in the wizarding world who helps Harry and his friends expose the return of Lord Voldemort.

Fans believe that Rowling is, in fact, a journalist for the wizarding world who wrote the Harry Potter series about actual events and presented it to the muggles. A bit crazy, right? Well, it isn’t insanely far fetched. I mean, how else would one create a world so vibrant?

Rowling did an amazing job with the series. Every character is well thought out as if inspired by real people. We’re not saying that magic exists and that Rowling is just exposing the wizarding world, that’d be crazy. But it is a fun theory.

Many of us just want to imagine that the world we love so dearly is real out there. If we can pretend that it truly exists, then we can get through anything. So that theory has spanned out to J.K Rowling being Rita Skeeter. We just want to believe that our favorite story is real and if it means that Rowling is a magical journalist who reported on the return of the Dark Lord than so be it. If not, well, then she’s just a really good author.

No matter what, Hogwarts is always there to welcome us home and, who knows, maybe this theory is right. And if it is, us muggles should revolt and get our letters.